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Products that work great with Dish and Dish Anywhere App

This page contains affiliate links that generate commissions for us if you order. All of these devices do enhance your experience with Dish and the Dish Anywhere experience.

Firestick is great for accessing your Dish Anywhere features on a big screen TV. PERFECT when you are traveling or in an RV/Camper!
You no longer have to watch on you iPad or Smartphone screen!
iPad's and Tablet's are also a fantastic way to watch Dish Anywhere. Click the iPad to the right to order yours!
Perfect when you are in a waiting room, stuck at the airport during a big game, or waiting for kids at practice.
The Echo line up is great for enabling voice functionality to your Hopper. "Alexa, Tune to ESPN!" for example with change your channel to ESPN. Or try more advanced commands "Alexa, Movies with Tom Hanks" will show you a search of all the movies Tom Hanks is in and when you they are on.
Who needs a Remote?
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